St.Pete Records
A St.Pete record store for music and art enthusiasts.


St. Pete Records adds 100's of new vinyl albums daily. Stop by for  hand-rolled cigars, vintage turntables, new audio equipment, art and retro arcade games.


Our store

Inside St. Pete Records (on Central Ave.), you'll find coin-operated arcade games, vintage erotica, crate after crate of 1000's of meticulously organized vinyl record albums, new audio equipment, and vintage turntables. 

St. Pete Records is located in the heart of downtown Saint Petersburg in one of the city's most up-an-coming districts - the Edge District. The Edge District is home to art galleries, boutiques, eateries, and of course our own businesses (St. Pete Records and Furnish Me Vintage). 

We carry the best audio equipment brands in Tampa Bay. Check out Stanton headphones and turntables, Neat Microphones, and speakers by Cerwin Vega.