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25 Days of Gift Ideas: All-In-One Juliette Sound System

On the first day of Christmahanakwanzika, my true love gave to me:

An all-in-one vintage Japanese Juliette FM-stereo/Phono/Cassette-tape deck sound system.

A reviewer of the Juliette once wrote," My first real stereo was a Juliette... I don't have specs on it, but I will tell you that it survived over 100 parties, 15 cigarette burns, and the two year-old of one of my ex girlfriends before I finally gave it away to a friend."

Originally sold at Kress and Roses stores in the South, the Juliette was a budgeted audio component with high-end sound design. Long story short, it looks good and sounds good. Taking up minimal space, with maximum style, the Juliette is a great setup for a small home or those just starting their vinyl addiction. All vintage audio gear has been professionally serviced and is in working order.


  •  Size: 9.5” Width: 15.75” Length: 20.5”
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Price: $299 + tax



This weekend is jam-packed with eclectic performances from the best and brightest in the area. We are really proud to call this city our home! Friday, November 17, the incredibly talented collective over at World Thrift and AOK Family are throwing a fashion/music/art extravaganza. Mesa 360 Project Gallery is hosting with models, music, food and more! Find out more information here

Kicking off Wednesday November 15-Sunday, November 19 is Et Cultura. The four-day multimedia festival features Slow Dive, Cloud Nothings and Talib Kweli (and many more). PLUS! St. Pete Records own Kersey Williams aka "BUSHI," will play the Florida Folk Scene EtC Baum Avenue Main Stage Saturday, November 18, 12-8 p.m. 


Our home business, Furnish Me Vintage, hosts a special evening cabaret inspired by the lives of furniture pieces. Saturday, November 18, 7 p.m., Ann Morrison and John Shirley offer a night of original compositions in the setting of the mid-century haven of Furnish Me Vintage.

ON RECORD: Celebrating Tampa Guitarist Mike Pinera
 Available in-store for $5.

Available in-store for $5.

Tampa-born guitarist Mike Pinera turns 69 this week. To celebrate, we're honoring some of the major music contributions Pinera made to pysch-rock and progressive rock through the years. He's played with Iron Butterfly, Blues Image, Cactus, Ramatam, and Alice Cooper (amongst many others). 

Pinera's family first lived in Ybor City, then a small off-white house on Gray Street next to the Fort Hersterly Armory. It was there that Pinera was able to see musical greats disappear into the venue's stage entrance. There, he saw Ray Charles, James Brown, He saw Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and many others. When Elvis Presley played the Armory in 1956, an 8-year-old Pinera stood at the chainlink fence of the venue with his father.

"My dad was saying, "Son, we're going to invite Elvis over,' and I'm going, "Dad, you can't do that!"' he says. "But sure enough, after the first show, right at this gate, we see Elvis coming off stage and out of the building and he's wiping off the sweat. And my dad goes, "Elvis, me and my boy live across the street here. How about you come over to eat?' And Elvis, with the most genuine smile, says, "Thank you very much. But I have to get back inside for the next show. But I appreciate the invitation," Pinera once told the Floridian. The Impalas were Pinera first band at age 13, playing the North Boulevard rec center. Later, his band Blues Image, eventually co-founded and played at Thee Image, a Miami Beach concert venue that they opened and jammed at regularly on weekends. Soon, the band signed with Atlantic and released major hit "Ride Captain Ride," in 1970. Pinera co-wrote and sang lead on the track.

After joining Iron Butterfly, Pinera worked with the band on their renown 1970 release Metamorphosis. It was one of the top-charting albums for Iron Butterfly and a psych-rock classic to this day.

After a successful stint in Iron Butterfly, Pinera played briefly in Ramatam with Jimi Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell. 

Pinera then joined Jeff Beck in 1973 with his latest venue, the New Cactus Band (we have this album in-store as well for $9).

Following Cactus, Pinera became the lead guitarist in Alice Cooper's backing band from 1979-82.

 Leonard Cohen photographed in London on June 1974. GETTY IMAGES

Leonard Cohen photographed in London on June 1974. GETTY IMAGES

Canadian singer-songwriter, author and all around magic-man Leonard Cohen would've been 83 today. He passed away last November, not before releasing his final album You Want it Darker. His songs appear are dozens and dozens of soundtracks and shows. Never a Top 40 artiest, Cohen's tunes continue to haunt. Here are a few of memorable soundtrack moments featuring Leonard Cohen.

Listen to his 2006 interview with Terry Gross on WHYY's Fresh Air here.

"Everybody Knows," Exotica (1994)

"Hallelujah," Watchmen (2009)

"Everybody Knows," Pump Up the Volume (1990)

"The Future," Natural Born Killers (1994)

"I'm Your Man," Secretary (2002)

Mr. Robot's season three trailer featured Cohen's spoken word piece, "Democracy."

ON RECORD: Those Darlins Lead Singer Dies at 28

Those Darlins lead singer and guitarist Jessi Zazu passed away from cervical cancer this week, at the age of 28. Zazu was one part of the fearsome Nashville-based foursome Those Darlins, who met at the Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp in Murfreesboro, Tenn. In 2006, they began by covering Carter Family songs using traditional southern sounds; washboard, clogs, baritone uke, and more. 

Since 2006, when the band formed, Zazu and Those Darlins released three albums: Those Darlins (2009), Screws Get Loose (2011), and Blurred Lines (2013). The band went on hiatus in 2015, performing one final show this spring in Brooklyn. 

 Jessi Zazu performing with Those Darlins at Gasparilla Music Festival, 2015. CREDIT: DRUNKCAMERAGUY

Jessi Zazu performing with Those Darlins at Gasparilla Music Festival, 2015. CREDIT: DRUNKCAMERAGUY

In my 2015 Creative Loafing review Those Darlins' 2015 afternoon performance at Gasparilla Music Festival I wrote: "Nashville-based foursome Those Darlins took the stage with a deliciously “fuck you,” attitude, sending gnarly guitar riffs shredding across Kiley Garden in a setlist that included cuts off Screws Get Loose and last year’s Blur the Line. This is a band you’ve gotta see live; their albums kill, but the live sound was another animal altogether. The heavy alt-country crunch and doo woop shuffle had bodies slinking and shaking as frontwoman Jessi Zazu — clad in red spanky pants and black tights — drawled lines like “Got a primal urge I'm headed for you.” She owned and I mean OWNED the fucking stage, sometimes peering into the crowd with the wild glare of a feral cat and adding gritty bite to her sweet vocal intones."

Here's my favorite of their tunes, specifically for Zazu's performance. -Arielle Stevenson

ON RECORD: Grand Opening Party


SAINT PETERSBURG, August 11, 2017 -- St. Pete Records wants to inform you of our official existence in the world. Hi, world. Nice to meet you. We’re a little record store on the edge of the city. Housed on the second floor of Furnish Me Vintage, a historic four-story mid-century modern furniture store in the EDGE District.

St. Pete Records started as a single bin on the first floor, and blossomed into a bona fide mezzanine extravaganza. Collections of vinyl records are sought and bought; records cleaned expertly and priced fairly. St. Pete Records sells jazz records, classic rock records, exotica records. St. Pete Records sells records you’ve loved and hated, in addition to music you once lost and have now found.

Carrying an array of new and vintage vinyl, turntables, receivers, speakers and microphones by Stanton, Cerwin Vega and Neat. SPR is also home to Rick’s Vintage, offering professionally serviced vintage audio gear. Whether you’re buying budgeting to buy that first turntable or are looking to invest that retirement into the highest of fi’s, we’ve got what you’re looking for (or have the number for a guy who does). We’ve also added the vintage clothing boutique by Jenique Hendrix, full of sexy old-school threads for every occasion. And the bawdy folks out there, take a look at our wholesomely salacious archive of Playboy magazines. Nerd out on our arcade games including Pac-Man and Galaga available for play. There’s even vintage blacklight poster section glow-ready for all you groovy kids.

To celebrate, we’re throwing a party...nay, a bacchanal on Saturday, August 26. St. Pete Records has assembled a group of local creative superstars to showcase their talents including DJ 2 Critical, half of [THE] Soft Rock Renegades spinning beats. The Furnish Me Vintage showroom gets haute with a fashion show featuring Jenique Hendrix, By Fidel, and Alessandro Benedict Gabriel. Aerialists Jhenie Rivera and Sabrina Maldonado will perform the elegant acts of gravity defiance. Followed by the four-piece Jazz quartet, Gloria West the Gents. Food and drinks by PopUp Shop+Kitchen and local breweries. Enter our raffle to win giveaways like a Stanton turntable. One-night-only discounts on vinyl, clothing and furniture too. 

1246 Central Avenue, Saturday August 26, 6-9 p.m.










ON RECORD: Deep Cuts
 Daddy Kool Records, St. Pete Records and Bananas Music all together for the August edition of Deep Cuts.

Daddy Kool Records, St. Pete Records and Bananas Music all together for the August edition of Deep Cuts.

Pizza, beer and records? Is there a better trifecta? Answer: no. We had a great time Saturday evening at St. Pete Indie bar's August Deep Cuts event. Bananas Music and Daddy Kool Records invited us out to the sidewalk sale. Three record stores available in one locale. Coppertail Brewing sponsored the evening of vinyl and pizza slices. Special thanks to the Indie staff and everyone who came out. 

 Customer with serious 45-RPM dedication.

Customer with serious 45-RPM dedication.

Todd Wilson
ON RECORD: St. Pete Summer Indie

We had a great time playing records all day at the St. Pete Indie Market: Summer Series at the State Theatre. Special thanks for Rosey Williams and the entire Indie Market+State Theatre crew for helping us spread the vinyl gospel. 

Todd Wilson
ON RECORD: Electric Dylan and the 1965 Newport Folk Fest

On July 25, 1965, Bob Dylan plugged in for his headlining set at the Newport Folk Festival. Backed by the Butterfield Blues Band, it was reported that folk purists attempted to "boo," Dylan for the non-acoustic sound. Two years earlier, the folk songwriting phenomena had won the crowd over with "Blowin' in the Wind," on his acoustic guitar. But on Sunday, July 25, 1965 Electric Dylan was born. 

Dylan had performed acoustic numbers the day before, but roadie Jonathan Taplin said Dylan had decided to challenge festival rules on a whim that afternoon. Just days earlier, Dylan had released "Like a Rolling Stone," featuring Dylan's decidedly rock sounding electric guitar. At the festival Taplin said festival organizer Alan Lomax had made some disparaging remarks about the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. In response, Dylan insisted on a fully amplified back-up band. Going so far as to say, "Well, fuck them if they think they can keep electricity out of here, I'll do it."

Dylan then assembled a band and rehearsed that night at a mansion being used by festival organizer George Wein.

Sunday, July 25, Dylan was scheduled to perform between Cousin Emmy and the Sea Island singers, two very traditional folk acts. Master of ceremonies Peter Yarrow introduced, "Ladies and gentlemen, the person that's going to come up now has a limited amount of time...His name is Bob Dylan." Taking the stage was Dylan, along with Mike Bloomfield on guitar, Al Kooper on organ, and Butterfield Band bassist Jerome Arnold, drummer Sam Lay, and Barry Goldberg on piano.

Booing and cheering can be heard as Dylan begin's the electrified "Maggie's Farm." After playing "Like a Rolling Stone," and "Phantom Engineer," Dylan and the band left the stage. More booing, more cheering are audible in the background. Yarrow came onstage, begging Dylan to return. Returning but forgetting his harmonica, Dylan asked the audience for an "E harmonica," which was followed by rattle of harmonicas hitting the stage. In his farewell to Newport, Dylan performed an acoustic set of "Mr. Tambourine Man," followed by "It's all over now, baby blue."

There is debate over whether the boos were from poor sound quality or in response to Dylan's recent electrified sound. Additionally, some argue attendees booed in response to Dylan's short set. Backstage, it was reported that Pete Seeger didn't care for the performance either stating, "Get that distortion out of his voice ... It's terrible. If I had an axe, I'd chop the microphone cable right now." Legends of Pete Seeger wielding an axe in response to Dylan's electrified set are legends at best. Still, the imagery remains potent as Dylan's electric guitar did signal a shift from politically-minded folk music to self-expression in the realms of rock. 

Dylan did not perform again at Newport for 37 years. When he did, it was in 2002 and while wearing a fake beard and wig. 


Todd Wilson
ON RECORD: Michel Plays Petrucciani

French jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani was born in Orange, Vaucluse, France on December 28, 1962. At birth, he was diagnosed with genetic disease osteogenesis imperfecta, causing brittle bones and his infamously short stature. Still, he went on to become one of the most renown jazz pianists of his time, despite being in extreme and lifelong pain. He suffered hundreds of fractures over the course of his life. But noted in an that his disabilities set him apart in other ways,  "sometimes I think someone upstairs saved me from being ordinary."

His first professional concert was at the age of 13. It's rumored that his manager saved money on hotels early on by hiding Petrucciani in a suitcase. At only 65 pounds and barely three-feet tall, Petrucciani became one of the 20th century's most notable jazz pianist. Using a full grand piano, with a special predilection for the loudest piano pedal, Petrucciani stunned the world with his notes. Petrucciani knew his life would be limited and thus made up for it with acute overindulgence whenever possible. He once told his manager, "I want to have at least five women at once, I want to make a million dollars in one night."

"I'm a brat," he said. "My philosophy is to have a really good time and never let anything stop me from doing what I want to do. It's like driving a car, waiting for an accident. That's no way to drive a car. If you have an accident, you have an accident—c'est la vie." Just a week before he passed away at the age of 36 from pulmonary infection, he celebrated the new year all night with friends. 

Compared to such virtuosos as Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Oscar Peterson, he played loose on the rhythm, with attention to the melody. Wayne Shorter summed up Petrucciani like this:

"There's a lot of people walking around, full-grown and so-called normal—they have everything that they were born with at the right leg length, arm length, and stuff like that. They're symmetrical in every way, but they live their lives like they are armless, legless, brainless, and they live their life with blame. I never heard Michel complain about anything. Michel didn't look in the mirror and complain about what he saw. Michel was a great musician—a great musician—and great, ultimately, because he was a great human being because he had the ability to feel and give to others of that feeling, and he gave to others through his music."

Available in-store now: Michel Play's Petrucciani available for $30. The Michel Petrucciani Trio Pianoism, $15. 

On record: Vince Guaraldi Trio's Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus (1962)

Vince Guaraldi's Trio released Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus in 1962 on Fantasy Records. With original compositions and covers from the 1959 film, Black Orpheus, the record generated the 1963 Grammy award for best original Jazz composition, "Cast Your Fate to the Wind."  The album features Colin Bailey on drums, Monty Budwig on double bass, with Guaraldi on piano. Compositions by Jobim, Mancini, and Johnson are also featured. Blue vinyl, original mono record for sale, $20. 

Side one

  1. "Samba de Orpheus" (Luiz Bonfá)
  2. "Manhã de Carnaval" (Bonfá)
  3. "O Nosso Amor" (Antônio Carlos Jobim)
  4. "Generique"

Side two

  1. "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" (Vince Guaraldi)
  2. "Moon River" (Henry Mancini)
  3. "Alma-Ville" (Guaraldi)
  4. "Since I Fell for You" (Buddy Johnson)