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25 Days of Gift Ideas: All-In-One Juliette Sound System


On the first day of Christmahanakwanzika, my true love gave to me:

An all-in-one vintage Japanese Juliette FM-stereo/Phono/Cassette-tape deck sound system.

A reviewer of the Juliette once wrote," My first real stereo was a Juliette... I don't have specs on it, but I will tell you that it survived over 100 parties, 15 cigarette burns, and the two year-old of one of my ex girlfriends before I finally gave it away to a friend."

Originally sold at Kress and Roses stores in the South, the Juliette was a budgeted audio component with high-end sound design. Long story short, it looks good and sounds good. Taking up minimal space, with maximum style, the Juliette is a great setup for a small home or those just starting their vinyl addiction. All vintage audio gear has been professionally serviced and is in working order.


  •  Size: 9.5” Width: 15.75” Length: 20.5”
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Price: $299 + tax