St.Pete Records
A St.Pete record store for music and art enthusiasts.


St.Pete Records features 1000's of vinyl albums, erotic art, retro arcade games, NEW and vintage turntables + audio equipment. Stop by!

A St. Pete Record Store for Music ENTHUSIASTS & Passerbys

St.Pete Records is St. Petersburg, Florida’s friendly neighborhood record store. Shop through our vintage vinyl, new vinyl, cassettes and CDs. We carry classic rock, pop, and soul favorites along side disco, jazz, punk, hip-hop, electronic, and even show tunes. We even have 45s! Want to get into the world of vinyl but you don’t have a record player? Ask our staff to show you our turntables, speakers, receivers and mixers to get you setup with your own stereo system.

We’re not just music. St. Pete Records has music memorabilia, autograph photos, band t-shirts, and original artwork. You'll even find collectible Playboy magazines from as early as the 1950's. Dozens of vinyl records are added daily! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on special discounts and our latest additions to the shop.