St.Pete Records
A St.Pete record store for music and art enthusiasts.


St.Pete Records features 1000's of vinyl albums, erotic art, retro arcade games, NEW and vintage turntables + audio equipment. Stop by!

A St. Pete Record Store for Music ENTHUSIASTS & Passerbys

St.Pete Records is the brainchild of mid-century modern furniture and art entrepreneurs, Todd Wilson and Jackie Williams. Together they run the nation's largest vintage and modern furniture store right from the heart of downtown St. Petersburg. In fact, St. Pete Records is located in the Furnish Me Vintage store (where all the magic happens). If you are ever in town or reside locally, stop by our store. You'll find collectible Playboy Magazines from as early as the 1950's, edgy wall art by local artists like John Suarez, and crates upon crates of carefully archived vinyl classics from some artists you know very well and others you'll love to discover. A meticulously organized collection of jazz, classic rock, country, soul, electronic, hip-hop, classical, opera, and more. Dozens of vinyl records are added daily! We also carry a wide range of NEW + retro speakers, headphones and turntables to take your at-home listening experience to the next level.